Seagarden Fish Complex for a 100 % natural energy boost!

Seagarden Cod Protein contains unique bioactive peptides with high bioavailability

Completely natural, bioactive dietary supplements straight from the North Atlantic Ocean

Seagarden’s dietary supplements are unique products made from wild-caught Norwegian fish, sustainably managed and carefully processed to ensure optimal absorption and maximum effect on the body.

Fish is an excellent source of high quality protein, which is easily absorbed by the body and contributes to building and maintaining muscle tissue. Fish also contains many essential nutrients such as selenium and vitamin B12, vital for the immune system. Fish bones contain calcium and phosphorous, which strengthen teeth and bones. Fish skin contains collagen, a vital structural protein which maintains the elasticity, flexibility and strength of bones, skin, hair and nails and in connective tissue such as joints, tendons and ligaments.

Studies show that optimal health is achieved by eating fish every day. The Department of Health recommends eating a minimum of 300 – 450 g fish a week. Although it is important to consume fish as a dinner component, it can be a challenge for some. Then it is good to know that 10 g of Seagarden Fish Complex equals 50 g of fresh fish and 10 g of Seagarden Cod Protein equals 60 g of cod.

Seagarden products

Seagarden never cuts corners when it comes to quality. Seagarden’s products are produced from 100 % Norwegian arctic fish, caught in the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. The fish is gently processed ensuring that all the natural nutrients are retained.

Bioactive nutrients straight from the ocean! Our products are completely natural and do not contain any synthetic ingredients. Our products are easily metabolised in the body due to their high bio-availability. Seagarden’s products are produced under strict manufacturing conditions and quality controls.

Seagardens variety of products contributes to reducing the environmental problems resulting from fisheries and aquaculture

Seagarden offers Norwegian quality products that are 100% natural. By using by-products from fisheries and aquaculture, Seagarden contributes to reducing their discarding and at the sam time make use of high quality nutrients.

The by-products from fisheries and aquaculture in Norway amounts to almost 250,000 tonnes on a yearly basis. Large parts of the fish are thrown after the fish is gutted, headed and further processed. In fish it is not just the fillet that is nutritious, but actually the whole fish. This means that the by-products that are thrown away are a huge waste of protein and other valuable nutrients of good quality.